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Zakat is due to be paid once every lunar year.

Did you pay your Zakat last year?

Zakat is an obligatory act of worship and its omission is a grave sin in Islam. Omitting the payment of Zakat is not only disobedience to Allah but also a denial of the rights of the poor and needy. If you have omitted Zakat payments for previous years you must make your best effort to make up for these omissions as soon as possible.

Have you set a fixed date in the Islamic calendar by which you pay your Zakat?

What date do you annually pay Zakat?

Do you intend to pay your Zakat in advance?

You should proceed with your calculation according to your best estimate but on your Zakat date, you should recalculate to check that you have not underpaid your Zakat.

Whatever date you make your payment will be treated as your Zakat day for future years.

Do you have any children below the age of puberty?

There is an accepted difference of opinion as to whether Zakat is due on the wealth of children. The National Zakat Foundation adopts the view that Zakat on wealth owned by children should be paid. The reason is that according to a narration of Abu Dawud, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came across a lady whose daughter was wearing two gold bracelets and he asked her if Zakat had been paid upon them. When she replied in the negative he gave her a stern warning against her actions, at which point she donated both bracelets in charity. Therefore, as you go through the calculator, bear in mind any cash or jewellery (or any other asset) that is owned by your children. If your child is over the age of puberty, then he or she should be encouraged to take responsibility for calculating their Zakat payment, even though parental support is be advisable.

Please remind any children above the age of puberty that they are responsible for calculating and paying their own Zakat.

Have you already calculated your Zakat payment?


Make your intention

There is a famous narration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in which he said, "Indeed actions are judged only by their intentions, and for every person is that which he (or she) intended".


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Gold assets


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Cash investments

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Debts owed to you

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Other assets

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Personal liability

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Business liability

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The table below summarises the calculation of your Zakat. /

If your Zakatable wealth has been above the Nisab value for a whole lunar year prior to your Zakat date then you will need to pay Zakat on your current Zakatable wealth.

Important: Please print this screen for future reference as we do not store your Zakat calculation details on the NZF website.

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