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What Problem Are We Solving

The Forgotten Pillar.

People have forgotten about the pillar of Zakat and its virtues in this world and the hereafter. Like Salah, Zakat is also an important pillar which purifies wealth and helps facilitate social cohesion.

Why Do We Care?

Zakat administered properly can bring about massive change

Imagine how powerful Zakat can be if all Zakat due is paid accurately. Zakat is an extremely powerful social tool that can empower our communities across Canada.

Services for Zakat Payers

The Zakat Payer is just as important as the Zakat Recipient.

Education: We aim to deliver easily accessible knowledge about Zakat and its core principles.

Calculation: Through our Zakat guides and online calculators, our free Zakat query service is designed to help Muslims calculate their Zakat in a user friendly and timely manner.

Collection: We facilitate safe and secure Zakat payments through our website, bank transfers and mail, guaranteeing that 100% of our Zakat collection will be spent according to Authentic Islamic Teachings.

Distribution Policy

  • All Zakat collected is utilized locally across Canada.
  • All Zakat collected is distributed within one lunar year of collection.
  • We deal with the first two categories of Zakat (Fuqara and Masakin – Poor and Needy Muslims) across Canada. We currently do not assist in other categories of Zakat due to legal and financial restrictions.
  • Zakat recipients are screened to make sure they meet the Islamic and financial criteria for Zakat eligibility. (See Distribution Process below for more details)
  • Our financial criteria for Zakat eligibility is net liquid wealth of $400 or less. This has been established as per the Nisab value of 595 grams of silver.
  • All Zakat funds are utilized to support charitable work of NZF. We try not to utilize any Zakat funds for Admin costs. However, we follow the opinion that Zakat can be utilized if needed to run the operations with respect to Zakat collection and distribution. In 2017, NZF Admin cost was covered entirely by non-zakat funds.

Services for Zakat Recipients


Our team of bilingual caseworkers diligently hear and evaluate each individual client based on their situation and needs. In addition to monetary help, we provide a plethora of resources for our applicants to become sustainable and self-sufficient in the long run.

To efficiently and effectively distribute Zakat and Sadaqah funds to deserving members of
the Muslim community in Canada. Services include:

  • Zakat Fund – Lifeline to those in need who have no other forms of assistance available to them. Some of the items our Zakat Fund has helped to provide eligible recipients with include: emergency accommodation, rent, food vouchers, furniture items, clothing, medical assistance and other essential needs.
  • Partnerships – Developing key partnerships with other organizations to help deliver additional support services to the Muslim community.

Our Distribution Process

NZF Applicant Icon

1. Applicant

An individual undergoing financial hardship contacts National Zakat Foundation by applying for Zakat.

NZF Intake Icon

2. Intake

Caseworker intakes client identification, financial information and other relevant documents.

NZF Case Analysis Icon

3. Case Analysis

Once all required information is collected from applicant, the caseworker analyzes their needs and Zakat eligibility in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah.

NZF Applicant Icon

Eligible #4

Not Eligible

Case Closed
NZF Recommendations Icon

4. Recommendation

Caseworker makes recommendations of how much help should be provided to the applicant based on their income, assets, expenses and eligibility of government assisted services.

NZF Panel Icon

5. Panel

A panel comprising of Distribution Manager and Zakat experts evaluate caseworker’s recommendation and make a decision.

NZF Applicant Icon

Yes #6

Not Eligible

Case Closed
NZF Recipient Icon

6. Zakat Recipient

  1. Zakat Payment
  2. Reassess Case Every 2-3 Months
  3. Help Required:
    Yes Repeat 1: Zakat Payment
  4. Help Required: No
Case Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Admin cost?

Our admin cost is 5% or less. We try our best to cover all our admin costs through non-Zakat donations.

Is NZF a registered charity?

Yes, we are a Registered Charity. Our Registered Charity No. 839912599RR0001.

Which cities & provinces do you help in?

We are a national organization, with the ability to help Muslims all over Canada. Our assistance has reached over 70 cities and towns across Canada.

Do you assist Muslims only?

We follow strict guidelines of the Zakat policy, helping Muslims with their immediate needs. However, there are some instances when the Zakat panel may approve non-Muslims for assistance with Zakat or Sadaqah funds.

How much money have you distributed?

We have distributed over $2.1 Millions Dollars worth of Zakat and Sadaqah (donations) across Canada for Zakat applicants and Nisa Homes Project (Sheltering Project for Women and Children).

Do you have a location for Zakat distribution?

We currently have two office locations. One location is in Mississauga, ON and the other location is in Burnaby, BC.

How long do recipients have to wait to get assistance?

Most applications are processed within 10 days from submission of all supporting materials required. In some situations where it is urgent cases are prioritized and processed much sooner to provide relief.

Do you help with overseas relief efforts?

We believe in local giving of Zakat, according to the instruction that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) gave to his companion, Mu’adh, who was sent to spread the message of Islam in Yemen, “O Mu’adh! Inform them that Allah makes Zakat obligatory for them. (It is) to be taken from their rich and given to their poor.” [Bukhari].

How long do your recipients receive Zakat?

Our focus is to provide short-term and temporary assistance for 1-3 months, until the recipient can take the necessary steps to become self-sufficient. In some rare cases we have to provide on going support.

Contact NZF

National Zakat Foundation

PO Box 12051 Creditview
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