Winter Appeal

We All Deserve Warmth And Shelter

We All Deserve Warmth And Shelter

$100,000 Needed Urgently to meet the need for the remaining winter months

Every month we receive requests for Zakat, but this winter the numbers have dramatically increased. This past month alone we spent a record $48,775.01 in Zakat and assisted 213 people locally.

Countless families coming from across Canada have approached us requesting help: Families on the verge of eviction, others facing loss of heat and electricity, single mothers calling in tears unable to feed their children. New Refugees without the means to pay for food and rent. Many of our brothers and sisters are forced to choose between food, shelter, or staying warm during the cold winter months.

No one deserves our Zakat more than they do! These are our brothers and sisters, it is their right, and it is our responsibility.

Together we can help them through this winter with your support and your generosity.

National Zakat Foundation

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