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3 Steps to Calculate Your Zakat

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Zakat is not just a good deed – it is an obligation and pillar of Islam, alongside belief in Allah, praying, fasting and hajj.

Calculating your Zakat isn’t difficult. You can calculate your Zakat with ease in three simple parts and answer any questions you have along the way.

By downloading this guide, you will:

  • Calculate your Zakat in 3 simple steps
  • Understand what Zakat is and why it should be paid
  • Discover who is eligible to receive Zakat
  • Learn when to pay Zakat and where it can be distributed

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Every Dollar of Zakat…

We have also devised an intuitive online Calculator to help you calculate your Zakat accurately alongside our online Video Library and FAQs

Did You Know?

The word Zakat originates from the verb ‘zaka’, meaning to grow, to increase and to purify. By paying our Zakat, we are Growing our wealth not diminishing it.

A Win-Win situation in dunya and akhirah in shaa’Allah!

What you need with you before you begin

Calculating your Zakat will be a quick and easy process if you keep this information to hand:

  • Latest bank statements (all accounts) – preferably online statements
  • Value of your silver/gold weighed by a professional jeweller beforehand
  • Information on any shares, pension and investments
  • Latest statements for any business accounts, valuation of inventory and goods for sale
  • Details of any debt owed to you and money you owe to others
  • Details of any outstanding bills/payments due immediately or between now and the date you intend to pay your Zakat

Information about your Zakat due date

  • It is important to have a fixed date (in the Islamic calendar) when you pay your Zakat annually to avoid late payment
  • If you cannot remember the date you first became owner of the Nisab, then the date should be estimated. If this is not possible, then a specific Islamic date should be selected arbitrarily and adhered to annually
  • It is possible to calculate Zakat in advance using your best estimate of your assets, However, NZF advises a recalculation of assets on every Zakat date to avoid underpayment. You can pay your Zakat in advance to NZF
  • You do not have to pay Zakat until one lunar year has passed since you have become owner of the Nisab (minimum amount of net worth to make you obligated to give Zakat)
  • You MUST pay your Zakat for all the years you were liable to do so but did not pay. Disregarding Zakat is a major sin in Islam and a denial of the rights of the poor and needy – Zakat for missed years should be paid as soon as possible

Children below the age of puberty

  • NZF encourages the view that Zakat on children’s wealth should be paid, although there are accepted differences. As you go through our Zakat calculator, include your children’s assets (cash in their name, gold/silver jewellery etc.) or make a separate calculation on their behalf
  • We encourage children over the age of puberty to calculate Zakat due on their assets separately
  • It should be instilled in children above the age of puberty to calculate and pay their own Zakat

Please keep in mind that our online Zakat calculator does not store any of your details for privacy reasons. If you close the browser window, you will have to re-enter information into the calculator.

Calculate your Zakat today

With our easy to use calculator, you can calculate your Zakat quickly and accurately as well as make your payment. We’ll remember your details for your next visit, so if you need to come back to finish it, you won’t have to start again.

This process is secure, and your financial details are confidential.

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