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NZF is on a mission to educate the community on Zakat. Download one of our informative guides to learn more about the history of Zakat, understand who is eligible to pay it and receive it, and find out when Zakat is due for you and much more.

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Turbo Zakat

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Calculate your Zakat

Rules to calculate zakat

Most Muslim jurists agree that Zakat is obligatory on Muslims who are: mature, sane, free, and owning the prescribed Nisab amount. If you are ready to calculate, simply have your assets and liabilities information ready and head over to the online calculator.

Video Library

Video Library

Our video library contains short videos that pack a Zakat punch. They are very informative and interactive videos about Zakat calculation.

Give Your Zakat

Receiving Zakat

There are eight categories of people to whom Zakat can be distributed: the poor, the needy, those employed to administer Zakat, whose hearts are to be reconciled, in slavery, in debt, in the way of Allah and destitute traveller.

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