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Khadija: An elderly refugee in Canada

As an elderly woman and a refugee to Canada, Khadijah was struggling to support herself. Having just been moved off the Resettlement Assistance Program and onto Ontario Works, Khadijah saw a significant drop in the government support that she was getting. Her total cost of living was

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Meet Rawan

  Meet Rawan, a Syrian student who sought and found refuge in Canada along with her five siblings and mother. Rawan and her family were forced to journey across seven nations, riding a bus, three boats, two airplanes, and more than five trucks before they finally arrived

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Real Rug Burn Hurts A Lot.

I can say, from personal experience, that rug burn doesn’t hurt that much. Sure, it stings as it happens and during the brief time afterwards. Yes, it shaves off a thin layer of your skin, leaving the area red and sensitive. But that’s really it. The sting

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13 Years.

Through tears, she told me she lost everything. In 2007, she came to Canada from Egypt with her abusive husband. She was a prisoner in her own home; she was not allowed to work, learn English, or leave the house without his permission. She only served him

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A Refugee Claimant’s Story: Taha & Family

If I told you, a successful restaurant manager, married to an inspirational teacher, with four healthy children, that you’d be unemployed one day, would you believe me? Maybe. What if I told you that there will come a day when you would be broke to the point

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Meet Ahmad

I am Ahmad, a syrian refugee and a proud father of two beautiful children and this is my Story. I worked hard for my engineering degree from the University of Aleppo. I married the love of my life and we had two beautiful children; a boy and

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Meet Ayesha

I am Ayesha, a new mother living in Canada by myself. I am a domestic abuse survivor and this is my story. I was arranged by my family to marry a man twice my age, left my loved ones in Pakistan to live with him and his

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Meet Lailah

Picture of Laila, a Palestinian refugee

  I am Lailah, a young Palestinian living in Canada with my mother and five younger siblings and this is my story. My grandparents were forced to leave Palestine in the wake of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. They were stripped of their home and nationality and placed

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Meet Jessica

I am Jessica, a convert and a proud mother of four children and this is my Story. A few years ago I was pregnant, working and caring for my three children. I felt completely exhausted but I had no other choice. Shortly after converting to Islam I

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Financial Stress

When Brother Bilal’s case arrived, he had -$300 in the bank, and a monthly deficit of ~$2800. Along with his financial stresses, he also had a wife suffering from breast cancer and four children to care for. Bilal and his children were permanent residents of Canada, and since

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