What We Do

What is NZF?

Our Mission is to provide the Muslim community with an end-to-end Zakat service: Education, Calculation, Collection, Distribution

Nisa Homes

Nisa Homes is a transitional home for Muslim women and children

Emergency Funding

Emergency funding is part of our we don’t say no policy. It is put in place for individuals in urgent need of shelter and food


Providing the Muslim community with easily accessible knowledge about Zakat and the means to help implement it accurately


Providing the Muslim community with the most effective and accurate means of calculating Zakat through Zakat Calculator and Q&A Service


Providing an efficient, secure, and accessible means of paying Zakat which is trusted by the Muslim community


We efficiently and effectively distribute Zakat and Sadaqah funds to deserving members of the Muslim community in Canada

National Zakat Foundation

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Mississauga, ON
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